Indie Action Plan

The Indie Action Plan is our key service, offering you the opportunity to meet with a music management specialist to get individualised career guidance. You will receive an action plan outlining the steps to required to elevate your career to the next level. Your action plan will act as a road map, guiding you to become more successful as you activate your dream career.

Indie Coaching Package

Our Indie Coaching Package is an affordable and effective pathway to reach your career potential. You will be expertly guided to reach your goals. Quite like having a co-pilot at your side providing timely ongoing advice and mentorship, to help you take decisive steps and achieve your desired outcomes. 

Indie Release Package

Our comprehensive Indie Release Package is purposefully designed to grow your fanbase and activate your visibility as an artist. It includes an individualised marketing strategy, digital advertising, publicity, social media support, project management and mentoring throughout the entire campaign cycle. 

Group Coaching Program

Our Mojominds Group Coaching Program is a 7-week group learning experience, delivered online. With a firm focus on current marketing and growth strategies for independent musicians, the program is facilitator led while encouraging a collaborative atmosphere between participants.

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