Hi, I’m Emily Holler from Mojo Bullet and this is my Indie Now blog. I am so excited to be sharing all the information I have been stockpiling from my 15 plus years of working with independent artists.

This blog is especially designed to help and support indies who are doing their best to navigate the ever-changing music industry.

A new blog post will be uploaded every Saturday and the topics will range from business basics and career development to digital marketing, product reviews and industry news. I will also be covering some topics related to health and wellbeing as this is a personal passion of mine.

I have a long history with independent artists. I have been one myself. I have been married to two (if being a DJ counts and I sure think it does), almost all my friends are artists or creatives of some sort and I have worked with artists for most of my professional life. 

I have known so many musicians in my travels who have oodles of talent. Many of my musician friends could utterly mesmerise a room full of people, change their lives even. But success would always elude them. 

I noticed a common theme with these musicians — they weren’t running their businesses effectively. The ones that had good business practices were achieving greater success even if their music wasn’t quite as jaw dropping. 

I became compelled to help indie artists like you to learn better business practice so that they too can reach the success that they deserve. With our combined talents there is no limit to what we can achieve together. 

You have the raw talent and the dream, I have the right advice and skills to help you find your audience and monetise it. I hope you get benefit from the information I share with you here in this blog, I look forward to welcoming you into my community of like-minded artists.

Let’s do this!

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