It’s been great working with Mojobullet on my music releases this year. Things are so much easier when you’re working with passionate, focused, organised and experienced people like Emily.

Matthew Armitage

Working with Em from Mojobullet has been the most amazing experience. She is full of knowledge, excitement, ideas and honesty which is what you need in releasing music. She has guided me through a lot of unknown information about the music industry with patience and confidence. It has been a massive step forward in growing my music career.

Shanon Watkins

Em has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to understand and work efficiently in the music business. I’ve come to enjoy what was once a chore, and realise that passion and creativity doesn’t end with the writing of the song.

David Taylor


When we first worked with Emily at Groundwater Country Music Festival we knew immediately that she was someone we wanted on our Australian team. She has the rare combination of being very relaxed and very organised. Her experience in marketing, branding and tour routing have been invaluable. She has become a crucial part of our Australian touring and we’re grateful for her expertise.

John + Lisa

Tomato/Tomato (CA)

Emily is an indispensable part of my career. Without the help of Mojobullet I’m not sure how my music would survive in such a volatile industry that is constantly evolving. I couldn’t recommend a professional in this business more highly.

Paul George

Black Rabbit George + Tijuana Cartel

Emily from Mojobullet was our manager for 12 months, during which time she showed exceptional organisational skills and established structure and systems for us. Her budgeting, time management and people skills were excellent. Emily is a legend & I would highly recommend her.

Hayden Andrews

Cheap Fakes

emily (at) mojobullet.com
MONDAY to FRIDAY:  9am to 5pm