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What We Do.

At Mojobullet we help independent musicians build successful careers on their own terms. The music industry is full of noise and confusion. We simplify music marketing, empowering artists with effective and affordable strategies to grow their fanbase and make a living from their music career. Learn more

How We Do It.

At Mojobullet we believe that every independent musician can be empowered to make a living from their art. That’s why we provide a holistic service featuring 1:1 coaching, branding services, web design, marketing, digital advertising, copywriting and more. Learn more

Led by industry renegade Emily Holler, a passionate advocate for independent artists, Mojobullet empowers independent musicians to establish thriving careers. Music marketing simplified. So musicians can make more music.

Emily at Mojobullet will show you how to develop a thriving business.

Mandi J – MJ Studios

I couldn’t recommend a professional in this business more highly.

Paul George – Black Rabbit George / Tijuana Cartel

Emily Holler is a music industry secret weapon.

Paulie Bromley – The Beautiful  Girls / Yama-Nui Studio / George 

Emily Holler is one of the most experienced music industry workers I know. Her hunger to learn more keeps her active and relevant.

Charles Wall – Bobby Alu / Xavier Rudd 

Holler’s mix of heartfelt empathy and pinpoint business accuracy is a true remedy for success in the music industry.

Ant Beard – Caravana Sun / Caspia

Emily is a legend and I highly recommend her.

Hayden Andrews – Cheap Fakes / HaydenGoSeek

Since working with Emily my music career has taken off. She has been my beacon of light in an industry I have been working alone in for a long time.

Lucy Gallant

Emily has become a crucial part of our Australian team and we’re grateful for her expertise.

John + Lisa McLaggan -Tomato/Tomato (Canada)

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Building a Music Release Timeline

Building a Music Release Timeline

Releasing music involves so much more than just hitting the upload button; it's an intricate dance of planning, marketing, and execution. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for artists to underestimate the time required to roll out a successful release strategy. ...